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Special Interest Groups

The basic purpose of EMDRIA's Special Interest Group ("SIG") Program is to form and maintain forums for open, regular communication among professionals sharing an interest in a particular area of the field and consistent with the objectives of EMDRIA. It is EMDRIA's intent to facilitate the creation and continuation of groups that, in turn, have as their primary intent the easing of interactive communication and other professional activity around a particular topic of special interest to the members of the Special Interest Group.

Special Interest Groups may be proposed and focused around any professional theme: specific target problems, populations or settings, theoretical orientations, professional categories or concerns and /or employment settings. The name of each SIG designates its focal issue. Groups are created and dissolved as particular interests increase or decrease in importance to the membership of the Association. The SIG program is designed to be flexible, and thus quickly respond to new, emerging developments in the field.

Currently, there are ten approved SIGS.  They are:

EMDR with Children & Adolescents

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Chair  |  Gael Thompson

Telephone  |  832.858.0932

Email  |  gaelthompsonlpc@gmail.com

Child SIG Clinical Listserv


EMDR and Eating Disorders

Chair  |  DaLene Forester

Telephone  |  530.245.9221

Email  |  daleneforester@yahoo.com


EMDR and Energy Medicine & Spirituality

Chair  |  Irene Siegel

Telephone  |  631.547.5433

Email  |  irene@allocca.com


EMDR for First Responders and Protective Services Personnel

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Chair  |  Katelyn E. Baxter-Musser

Telephone  |  480.440.6085

Email  |  innerawakeningsaz@gmail.com

EMDR for First Responders and Protective Services Personnel Listserv

EMDR and Juvenile Corrections

Chair  |  Don Self

Email  |  padre.don@gmail.com

EMDR and Juvenile Corrections Listserv

EMDR and Medical Illness

Co-Chair  |  Linda Bowers

Email  |  lindamimi@earthlink.net

Co-Chair  |  Mary Dumlao

Email  |  m.dumlao@oasiscenterforhealth.com

EMDR and Medical Issues Listserv

Letter to Medical Professionals

EMDR & Medical Illness Research


EMDR and the Military

Chair  |  Beverly Dexter

Email  |  badexter@cox.net

Military SIG Listserv

Military Fact Sheet - Providing EMDR Services to the Military


EMDR and Performance Enhancement

Chair  |  Pat McGuinness

Telephone  |  603.228.3862 x30

Email  |  patmcguinness@comcast.net

Performance Enhancement Listserv


EMDR and Psychoanalysis

Chair  |  Marilyn Sulzbacker

Email  |  marsulz@aol.com


EMDR and Writing

Chair  |  Susan Borkin

Telephone  |  408.973.7877

Email  |  susan@susanborkin.com

Writing Listserv


EMDR and Public Practice and Diversity

Co-Chairs  |  Diane DesPlantes and Viviana Urdaneta

Email  |  surge.inc.1@gmail.com or vurdaneta@genesisshelter.org

Public Practice and Diversity Listserv

2010 EMDRIA Conference Diversity Panel Transcript


EMDR Research

Chair  |  Elena Guagenti-Tax

Telephone  |  914.948.3251

Email  |  EMMGT@aol.com

Research Listserv


Guidelines for EMDRIA SIGs  |  Revised 02/06

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