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Regional Coordinator News
Goals of the various Regional Networks:
  • To raise awareness about EMDR (Heart of Texas)
  • To provide enough credits each year so that someone who is trained but can't make the conference...could still get enough credits to keep their certification going (Heart of Texas, Southern Maine)
  • CEUs seem important for the group (New Jersey)
  • We have an Approved Consultant that has a no-fee study group (no CEUs) (Missouri)

Meeting formats:

  • Generally, groups hold from 1-4 meetings a year (presentations and panel discussions) for credit. Others do not offer credit. Many also meet monthly for consultation and study purposes.
  • Some meetings use DVDs from credit, especially the new pre-conference presentation (2006) by Francine Shapiro (New Jersey, Charlotte and others)
  • Some groups have a 1-2 day workshop one or twice per year, often with well-known invited speakers (Greater Sacramento, Billings Montana, Missouri, Central Oregon); Some draw from local talent (Southern Maine, Northampton, Charlotte); The Colorado Springs meeting has operated entirely through short presentations by local therapists, once each month.
  • Study groups led by Approved Consultants are common, and these usually meet monthly. Some of these offer state CEUs (at present EMDRIA Credits are not available for such groups unless there is a topic, credits are applied for and consultation is specific to the topic).

Who presents?

  • Most groups use professionals from their own region, often for mini-presentations. These presentations can arise from conference workshops and/or from reading.
  • Many groups (as mentioned above) invite speakers, on average, once or twice per year. To invite speakers, there cannot be a speakers fee, although an honorarium of $250 is allowed.

What problems are there?

  • Some RCs have found attendance dwindling at times. This may depend on what other learning opportunities are available in their particular region, or other factors which can be difficult to ascertain (New York)
  • Although in some regions (Greater Boston, Northampton, SF Bay Area) there are many well-trained presenters and consultants available to Regional Groups. In large, less populated states, it can be difficult to bring people together to find program material (Billings Montana)
  • Some RCs have found the EMDRIA paperwork for credit approval to be arduous (Boulder and others)
  • It can be difficult to get the names of those newly trained (note, however, that EMDRIA does provide email lists of members by location upon request)

Some noteworthy ideas:

  • Short meetings (2-4 hours) on updating your approach to EMDR/presentations on various protocols. Some involve practicum supervised by facilitators from the local area.
  • Forming a committee to organize events; someone to get CEUs; make the brochure; register attendees; a person in charge of local directory; someone to be treasurer (if money changes hands, which is not always the case); a refreshment person (Southern Maine, Northern California)
  • Encouragement of local EMDR therapists to present, even briefly, is important as a good use of talent and a way to build community.
  • Publicizing a meeting topic 1-2 months ahead is important towards better attendance (several groups mentioned this); When there is no topic advertised, fewer participants show up (Portland Oregon)
  • Several groups provide meetings on protocol review and practicum, and/or refreshers (Arizona, Greater Sacramento); Other groups (Billings Montana) use meetings to go over different aspects of the basics of EMDR.
  • A Library of resources, such as conference tapes and books, is helpful with a suggested donation for usage.
  • An email list for referral requests, office availability, specialty workshops and other EMDR news (Central Oregon)
  • Groups which present larger Regional Meetings with invited speakers may pay for clerical help, as well as using a committee of volunteers (Northern California)
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