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Approved Consultant/Consultant-in-Training 

Frequently Asked Questions


Prior to beginning any consultation process, we recommend that both parties verify the the purpose of the consultation hours and enter into a written contractual agreement for consultation services.  The EMDRIA Consultation Packet includes a sample contract to help you get started.  


I'm interested in becoming a Consultant in Training (CIT). Can I start working on the Approved Consultant application requirements before I am a Certified Therapist?

No. You must be an EMDRIA Certified Therapist before you can be considered a Consultant in Training (CIT) and actively begin working towards Approved Consultant status. 


I'm a Certified Therapist and interested in becoming a CIT. What's the first step?

The first thing you should do is complete the CIT Declaration Form. We'll double check to make sure you're an active Certified Therapist and make a note in our records that you're a CIT. We'd also like to know if you've found an Approved Consultant to work with on your consultation of consultation hours. If you know who you'll be working with or if you've started working with a consultant already, please let us know the name of that Approved Consultant.


Are there specific terms & agreements for CITs?

Yes. The declaration process includes specific terms & agreements for CITs. Those who complete & submit the CIT Declaration Form have agreed to the following:

  • To maintain active status as a Certified Therapist in order to be considered a CIT. If Certification status expires, the CIT status will no longer be valid.
  • To provide the names of the Approved Consultants that the CIT is working with to EMDRIA. 
  • To complete the requirements and become an Approved Consultant within the next 5 years. 
  • To adhere to EMDRIA Policies

Is there a way to verify or search specifically for an Approved Consultant or a CIT?

Yes. Please check out our Find an Approved Consultant search and our CIT Verification search.   


What is consultation of consultation?

Consultation of consultation is a collaborative relationship between an Approved Consultant and a CIT. The CIT explains and discusses with an Approved Consultant the consultation that the CIT is providing to an EMDR trained clinician. The Approved Consultant provides consultation and feedback to the CIT regarding the consultation that he/she is providing to other EMDR clinicians. 


Can a CIT provide consultation of consultation hours to another CIT?

No. Only Approved Consultants can provide consultation of consultation hours to CITs.


As a CIT, who can I provide consultation hours to?

A CIT can provide some of the consultation hours to EMDR trained clinicians who are working towards EMDRIA Certification requirements. In order to provide the 10 hours of consultation that are required to complete the EMDR basic training, the CIT must contact the EMDR training provider directly. Each EMDR training provider designates which Approved Consultants and/or CITs may provide consultation hours to the trainees in their program. 


As a CIT, how many consultation hours can I provide for someone seeking EMDRIA Certification?

A CIT can provide up to 15 hours of consultation to EMDR trained clinicians who are working towards EMDRIA Certification. EMDRIA Certification applicants must obtain 20 hours of consultation on their use of EMDR with clients. The remaining 5 hours must come from an Approved Consultant.


Is a CIT required to work with or provide consultation hours to a certain number of clinicians?

EMDRIA does not require that a CIT work with or provide a specific number of EMDR focused consultation hours to other trained clinicians. Approved Consultants may require their consultee work with a specific number of EMDR trained clinicians and/or provide a certain number of EMDR focused consultation hours to clinicians.  


What are the fees for consultation services?

Consultation fees are set by the individual Approved Consultant or CIT offering the consultation services. We strongly recommend entering into a written contractual agreement for services so the consultation process and expectations are clear and understandable to both parties before commencing. 


I'm a CIT and need to provide documentation for my consultee's certification application needs. What should I include in the letter of documentation to verify these hours?

Make sure to identify yourself as a CIT and provide the name of the Approved Consultant with whom you are working. Please be as clear and explicit as possible when documenting consultation hours. The documentation should include the total number of consultation hours you provided, how many hours were individual consultation and (if applicable) how many hours were group consultation, as well as the start and end date indicating when these consultation hours occurred. 


As a CIT, what should I include in the letter of recommendation for my consultee's certification application?

Make sure to identify yourself as a CIT and provide the name of the Approved Consultant with whom you are working. The letter should include details about the consultee's use of EMDR with clients and give background if possible about the consultee's demonstration of the AIP model and 8 phases of EMDR. The letter should also include an evaluation statement from the CIT recommending the applicant for EMDRIA Certification. 


I'm an Approved Consultant and providing consultation of consultation hours to a CIT. What information do I need to include when documenting the consultation of consultation hours for a CIT?

Approved Consultants should be as clear and explicit as possible when drafting letters of documentation for CITs. The letter of documentation that an Approved Consultant provides for a CIT should include the following: The total number of consultation-of-consultation hours the Approved Consultant provided to the CIT; whether they were individual or group hours; the dates the CIT consultation hours began and ended. We’re also looking for the Approved Consultant to provide feedback and comments on their experience with the CIT, and also for the Approved Consultant to endorse or recommend the CIT for Approved Consultant status.


How long do I need to keep documentation of the consultation hours I provide?

Approved Consultants are expected to track and maintain records for the CIT consultation hours they provide, and CITs are expected to track and maintain records for the consultation hours they provide. EMDRIA does not have any current policy in place that outlines how long consultants must retain documentation. We encourage you to develop your own retention schedule and use your best judgement.


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