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SIG Program
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Special Interest Group (SIG) Program Overview

The basic purpose of the EMDRIA Special Interest Group (“SIG”) Program is to form and maintain forums for open communication among members sharing an interest in a particular area as it relates to EMDR and mental health while remaining consistent with the objectives of EMDRIA. SIGs may be proposed and focused around any professional theme: specific target problems, populations or settings, theoretical orientations, professional categories or concerns and/or employment settings. They may be created and dissolved as particular interests increase or decrease in importance to the membership of the Association. The SIG Program is designed to be flexible, and thus quickly respond to new or emerging developments in the field. Only active EMDRIA members may form and participate in SIGs.


Steps for Forming a Special Interest Group (SIG)

  1. Fill out and submit the Topic Forum Application below. Be sure to fill out the SIG-related questions.
  2. Once it has been reviewed by EMDRIA, and deemed appropriate for the membership, a Topic Forum community will be created in the EMDRIA Online Community. The applicant will act as the Topic Forum moderator.
  3. Once the Topic Forum reaches the following requirements, it may be transitioned into a SIG:
    • 100 members
    • 50 discussions
  4. If the Topic Forum transitions into a SIG, the moderator will become the SIG Chair.
  5. The SIG and SIG Chair must then follow the SIG Program Policies & Procedures.

Topic Forum Overview

A Topic Forum is an online community for discussions about a specific topic related to EMDR or mental health. Depending on how the Topic Forum is created, it may or may not have a moderator. If a member proposed the Topic Forum with the intention of it eventually becoming a Special Interest Group, the member will be the Topic Forum moderator. The moderator's role is to facilitate growth of the potential SIG by starting new threads and participating in discussions. If the Topic Forum reaches 100 members and 50 discussions, it may then be transitioned into a SIG with the moderator becoming the SIG Chair. The newly formed SIG will be subject to all SIG Program Policies & Procedures


If EMDRIA forms the Topic Forum or if the member who proposed the topic doesn't wish to transition it into a SIG, it will just remain a Topic Forum and will not have an official moderator. If EMDRIA determines that the Topic Forum is no longer relevant to members (most likely due to lack of activity for a considerable period of time), it may be closed or removed from the EMDRIA Online Community.


SIG Program Policies & Procedures

If you are planning on the Topic Forum becoming a Special Interest Group, please read the SIG Program Policies & Procedures document before you submit an application. Below are a few highlights of SIG Chair responsibilities:

  • Remain subscribed to the SIG community discussion notifications
  • Participate in and foster communication of SIG discussions
  • Moderate all SIG discussions to ensure the community Code of Conduct is being followed
  • Be a point of contact for member questions or issues relating to the SIG
  • Respond in a timely manner to EMDRIA staff communication regarding the SIG 

Topic Forum Application

Complete the fields below and then click the Submit button. If you need more information about what to put in the field, hover over the field name to see the description. Required fields are marked with a *.


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