Rachael Miller, LCPC, NCC

President Elect

Rachael Miller, LCPC, NCC, is a board-certified professional counselor currently serving as Impact Alchemy’s Managing Director of Clinical and Health Innovations and the Owner and Clinical Director of Chicago Counseling and Virtual Therapy Clinic.

Miller specializes in educating and treating trauma recovery by developing programs and seminars for lay and professional populations. She works internationally, developing strategic partnerships to promote cultural competence in psychotraumatology and neuropsychosocial interventions for social change.

She has worked and taught in non-profit organizations and private practice settings, including as the director of child and family services, the public relations manager, and an adjunct professor at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, and Wesley Institute in Sydney, Australia.

Miller did her original training with the Humanitarian Assistance Program in 2015 and is now EMDR-certified and an EMDR-approved consultant. It remains her primary modality and serves as a foundation for all her work, including the AIP model for micro and macro-level conceptualization, as well as the EMDR protocol for individual psychotherapy sessions.