EMDRIA Members in the News

October 1, 2021

Counseling Today Interviews Two EMDRIA Members about EMDR Therapy In an article from Counseling Today, published by the American Counseling Association, members Addie Brown, LPC, LMFT and Andie Bernard, LPCC…

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EMDR Therapy in School Settings

September 24, 2021

A common question we receive at EMDRIA is whether EMDR therapy has been used in school settings. The answer is yes, EMDR therapy has been used in school settings successfully.…

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EMDR Therapy and Suicide

September 10, 2021

It is Suicide Prevention Week, a time to focus on being supportive to those struggling to make sense of life. Suicide’s devastating effects make it difficult to talk about, but…

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EMDR Therapy Helps Heal Religious Childhood Sexual Abuse

September 9, 2021

[Trigger warning.] EMDR therapy helps heal childhood sexual abuse in this Columbus Dispatch news article. Author Danae King shares the survivor story of Chris Graham and explains how being sexually…

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Dr. E.C. Hurley, an Early EMDR Therapy Contributor, Dies

September 7, 2021

EMDRIA member Dr. E. C. Hurley, DMin, Ph.D., passed away on August 31, 2021. Dr. Hurley retired from the U.S. Army with 33 years of service in the active-duty Army…

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Board President Wendy Byrd Discusses Integrating EMDR Therapy in Podcast

September 7, 2021

The Behavioral Health Today podcast interviewed EMDRIA Board President Wendy Byrd, LPC, LMFT about EMDR therapy. Listen to the podcast here.

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Back to School: Using EMDR Therapy to Help Children and Adolescents Cope and Thrive

August 23, 2021

Back to school season is here. Parents and children face typical stressors such as getting supplies and arranging schedules as with any other year. In addition, there is the considerable…

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Board President Wendy Byrd Speaks on Podcasts to Discuss EMDR Therapy

August 21, 2021

Two recent podcasts on EMDR therapy feature EMDRIA Board of Directors Wendy Byrd, LPC, LMFT. Dr. Deniz Armagan interviews Byrd about EMDR therapy and her career path in his podcast,…

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The Eight Phases of EMDR Therapy

August 13, 2021

The eight phases of EMDR therapy provide a framework to understand the treatment process. They act as a map for the EMDR therapist to follow. The names of the eight…

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EMDR Therapy and Addictions: An Evolving Landscape

July 26, 2021

The use of EMDR therapy with people struggling with addictions is an evolving landscape. Addictions to substances and compulsive behaviors often begin as a way to cope with underlying pain…

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Florida Condo Collapse Survivors Seek EMDR Therapists

July 15, 2021

As the dust settles, Florida condo collapse Surfside survivors and family members are seeking EMDR therapists to help their trauma symptoms from grief, survivor guilt to PTSD. Search for EMDRIA…

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EMDR Therapy: A Way to Heal Beyond Talk Therapy

July 12, 2021

Different trauma treatments are explored in this Well + Good article, including EMDR therapy. Psychologist, researcher, and EMDR therapist Deborah Korn, PsyD discusses how EMDR therapy helps the brain heal…

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