The Impact and Adaptation of EMDR Therapy on the Taiwanese Deaf University Students (Journal of EMDR Practice and Research)

The Impact and Adaptation of EMDR Therapy on the Taiwanese Deaf University Students

Using EMDR with deaf adolescents adapting to hearing-dominated universities helped students stabilizing emotional arousal quickly.

Article Abstract

“Deaf adolescents from schools for the deaf face a difficult challenge adapting to hearing-dominated universities. They harbor stress or trauma from past interactions with the hearing. To understand the impact and adaptation of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy on such students, a pilot study and a formal study were executed for this case study using Taiwanese sign language for all interactions. The client’s changes were documented through diverse sources, while adherence to the standard protocol was verified using the EMDR Fidelity Rating Scale. Results showed that EMDR therapy helped the client in the formal study to maintain calm with the hearing and become capable of overcoming communication barriers, stabilizing emotional arousal quickly, and finally appreciating his academic journey. This study examined the adaptation of EMDR’s various stages for the Deaf and the beneficial environmental support for Deaf university students.”

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Jhai, Z. (2024). The Impact and Adaptation of EMDR Therapy on the Taiwanese Deaf University Students. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 18(1), 31-43.


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