As an EMDR Certified Therapist™, you have committed to continuing your education in the field of EMDR by participating in 12 EMDRIA Credit hours every two years. EMDRIA administers an audit process that allows us to ensure that requirements are consistently being met each cycle without requiring everyone to submit EMDRIA Credit documentation for each renewal.

If you are an EMDR Consultant™, visit the EMDR Consultant Renewal page for information about your credential!


EMDR Certification Renewal Fees

EMDRIA Member | $100.00 US Dollars

Non-EMDRIA Member | $300.00 US Dollars

  • Non-Members do not appear in EMDRIA’s Find an EMDR Therapist directory.
  • EMDRIA does not retroactively apply discounts on previously paid non-member fees if an individual joins or rejoins EMDRIA at a later date.


When is your EMDR Certification Renewal Due?

You can view your certification credential from your EMDRIA account by going to the following:

  • Log in to your EMDRIA account
  • Click on My Account to view your dashboard
  • Click the Purchases tab
  • Click the Certifications tab
  • Click the Completed Certifications tab
EMDR Certification Renewal Page Example

How to Renew Your EMDR Certification Credential

Starting three months prior to your expiration date, we reach out to you via email with instructions to renew your EMDR Certification credential.

  1. Complete 12 EMDRIA Credits
  2. Log in to your EMDRIA account
  3. Go back to the Reminder Email that was sent
  4. Click the Renewal Button within the Reminder Email

If you get a blank page with just the title when you click on the renewal link, that means you haven’t logged in to your EMDRIA account yet. Please log in to your EMDRIA account first, then go back to the reminder email and click on the link.


Renewal Stages

If your certification credential expires, EMDRIA offers you a grace period of three months. After three months, our system marks your certification credential as expired.

If your certification credential has expired for three months to one year, your credential will be marked as inactive but if you renew within this one-year period, your credential will be backdated. You will receive a final email letting you know your credential has expired along with the link to renew. Email if you need that link sent to you again.

If your certification credential has expired for one to five years, your credential will be marked as inactive. If you renew within this five-year period a reinstatement fee will be applied and your certification dates will be adjusted accordingly. To reinstate your certification credential, you will need to complete and submit the reinstatement form below.

If your certification credential has expired for more than five years, you are expected to reapply in its entirety. View the EMDR Certification criteria and online portal here.


EMDR Certification Reinstatement Form

To reinstate your EMDR Certification credential, you will need to submit the EMDR Certification Reinstatement Form along with certificate(s) of completion for 12 hours of EMDRIA Credits (continuing education in EMDR) completed within the past two years.

Only submit your reinstatement materials all at once by email. Do not submit materials separately or mail hard copies. Allow three weeks for processing once reinstatement materials have been received.

EMDR Certification Reinstatement Fees

EMDRIA Member | $175.00 US Dollars

Non-EMDRIA Member | $375.00 US Dollars