EMDRIA offers a group rate to employees of non-profit agencies that maintain a minimum of 5 current members within the association.


Non-Profit Agency

  • Must be organized as a non-profit entity (501c3), funded by the government, or considered a community health (or mental health) agency.
  • Must maintain a minimum of 5 current EMDRIA members.
  • Must provide a Contact Person who is responsible for the agency's memberships.
  • Must complete and submit an Agency Group Membership Application.
  • Must submit payment for memberships dues of all members in the group.

Group Members

  • Must be employees in a W2 relationship with the agency.
  • Must meet requirements for Full or Associate membership.

Membership Term

The term for all Agency Group Memberships is July 1 to June 30. New members may be added at any time. They will be given an expiration date of June 30 so they fall in line with the rest of the group for renewal.

Membership Dues and Billing

The Agency Group Membership dues rate is $100/member annually for both Full and Associate level memberships. If Associate Members meet the qualifications to become a Full Member during their current membership term, they may upgrade at no additional cost.

Membership is awarded to the individual member and not the organization. However, the organization is responsible for submitting payment for membership dues on the member’s behalf. This is accomplished through an organization account which is managed by the agency’s designated contact person. The individual members are treated as sub-accounts of the organization account.

Membership dues are billed to the organization in a lump sum. Payments may be made online through the organization account or by mailing a check to the EMDRIA office at 7000 N Mo Pac Expy, Ste 200, Austin, TX 78731-3013. Payment must be received in full for all members of the group before the memberships will be activated. Members of the group cannot be invoiced separately for their membership dues and cannot make an individual payment to the organization account. All aspects of billing must come directly from the organization.

Membership dues for new members added in the middle of the current term will be billed at a quarterly rate based on the month they joined as noted below.

Quarterly Prorated Dues

Jan / Feb / Mar


Apr / May / Jun


Jul / Aug / Sep


Oct / Nov / Dec


Membership Maintenance

Agencies must maintain at least 5 current EMDRIA memberships. When it’s time to renew the memberships, if the number falls below 5, the Agency Group Membership will be discontinued. The remaining members may then renew at the Standard ($180) or Individual Agency ($135) rate.

  • If in the future, the agency meets the minimum requirement again, the Agency Group Membership may be re-established. However, refunds will not be issued for any renewals that occurred at the Standard or Individual Agency rate during the time in which the agency did not meet the requirements for Agency Group Membership.

How to Establish an Agency Group Membership

Complete the Agency Group Membership Application and email to Jennifer Livsey, Membership and Community Administrator. You may also email her with any questions you may have.

Please note:

  • Memberships will not be activated until all membership dues are paid in full.
  • Membership dues previously paid by current members joining an Agency Group Membership will not be refunded either wholly or partially. The member will be added to the group but will not receive the group rate until the next membership renewal.