Research and Treatment Guidelines for EMDR

EMDR therapy is extensively researched and widely recognized as effective trauma therapy. EMDR therapy is recognized as evidenced-based treatment for PTSD and other trauma and stressor disorders in treatment guidelines published by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, the World Health Organization, and a growing number of national and international organizations. Treatment guidelines are based on reviews that evaluate the research of established evidence-based mental health treatments.

EMDR Research Articles and Posts

Using EMDR Therapy in Disaster Response

May 8, 2023

EMDR therapy is often used in disaster response settings all over the world. Early EMDR Interventions and Group EMDR interventions have made a difference in the wake of many devastating…

EMDR Certified Therapist Digital Badge

What is the Difference Between EMDRIA Membership and EMDR Certification with EMDRIA?

March 6, 2023

We receive many questions about the difference between EMDRIA membership and EMDR Certification with EMDRIA. EMDRIA offers both an annual membership in the association as well as a separate certification…

Making Us Whole: How EMDR Assists Members Within The Black Community

February 23, 2023

Making Us Whole: How EMDR Assists Members Within The Black Community   Guest Blog Post by Janell McGruder, LCPC, LMHC I often tell people that when they made The 3/5ths…

EMDR Therapy and Eating Disorders

February 20, 2023

We want to highlight National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Eating disorders affect a person’s relationship to food and eating behaviors. There are many components to the development of eating disorders,…

Back to Class: EMDR Therapy and College/University Students

January 20, 2023

January is back-to-college class season for many students and teachers. We were curious about using EMDR therapy in college and university settings and with college and university students. To answer…

What Resources Does EMDRIA Offer?

November 11, 2022

Check out our EMDRIA Resources Video   As we near the end of the year, we’ve taken inventory of some of our work. We’re proud of what we offer our…

Compiled in 2022, a list of EMDR meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Meta-analyses analyze evidence based research and are often used for data in treatment guidelines for standardized care. Systematic reviews summarize research on a specific question or topic. In medical or health care fields, they often assess the strength of evidence present in a treatment in the field. This list is an ongoing work in progress.

A 2016 bibliography of EMDR Research with short descriptions, this document covers a wide range of peer-reviewed journal articles about EMDR including meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials, non-randomized studies, and reviews of efficacy and treatment models. It also includes international treatment guidelines and recommendations from mental health agencies.