Coronavirus Clinical Resources

In this time of increased anxiety and stress, we want to provide support in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and have collected some resources that may be helpful to EMDRIA members below. We know that EMDR therapists are also following the guidelines and responsibilities of their respective mental health professions.

Building Your EMDR Practice Toolkit

We have developed some client and member resources to help build an EMDR therapy practice, many of which are featured in the Go With That September 2019 Issue. In addition, feel free to download, print, or use the tools as needed!

EMDR Consultation Toolkit

We've developed some consultee and consultant resources to help clarify the EMDR consultation process, to complement the December 2019 Go With That magazine. Feel free to download, print, or use the tools below in your practice.

Military Toolkit

These resources are accessible to EMDRIA members who work with or are interested in working with a military population, whether that's active duty service members, veterans, or reserve members.

EMDR Early Intervention

EMDRIA recognizes ongoing trauma that so many in the world are facing including fires, earthquakes, political and personal violence, and personal loss.

To support those who are treating people with these difficulties and to further efforts to prevent long-term trauma that occurs as a result of these disasters, we are making publicly available Dr. Amanda Roberts' article from the EMDR Early Intervention (EEI) issue of the Go With That magazine (Vol 23, Issue 3 from September 2018). We've included some resource lists for these interventions to complement Dr. Roberts' article.