For media inquiries, email our Director of Communications & Marketing, Kim Howard, CAE, or call our main number 512-451-5200. We can arrange interviews with the president of our Board of Directors. Several media outlets have interviewed her.

Reporter Resources

Below are resources that reporters and journalists may wish to use for background material on EMDR therapy.

Dr. Francine Shapiro created EMDR therapy. Here is an explainer about EMDR therapy, what it can treat, etc.  We have several open-access articles listed in our Francine Shapiro Library for more background material.

Other resources that you may wish to include in your article that would benefit your readers or viewers:

  1. Our “Find an EMDR Therapist Directory” would be beneficial to your readers or viewers who are searching for a clinician who uses EMDR therapy in their practice.
  2. Also, the section on our website that discusses what EMDR therapy is and what sessions might look like would be helpful.
  3. Our EMDR research would benefit those potential patients who want to know the research and science behind EMDR therapy.