Let's Talk EMDR

The Let's Talk EMDR Podcast publishes twice a month. Each episode features EMDR therapists and innovators who discuss protocols and treatment approaches to treating trauma. We match the guest expert with any awareness months that are applicable to explore various populations and diagnoses.

Check out our podcast library below for additional resources related to each episode. You can stream or download any of these incredible episodes from our site and the major podcast platforms listed below.

Let's Talk EMDR podcast artwork

Episode 8: EMDR Therapy, Addictions, and Mindfulness with Dr. Stephen Dansiger

Episode 7: EMDR Therapy and Addictions with Julie Miller, LPC, LISAC

Episode 6: EMDR Therapists: Staying Centered in an Uncentered World with Rebecca Kase, LSCW

Episode 5: EMDRIA's Innovation Journey with former Board President Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW


Episode 4: EMDR Therapy with Native Americans/First Nations Peoples with Shelley Spear Chief

Episode 3: EMDR Therapy and Parents with Mercedes Samudio, LCSW



Episode 2: EMDR Therapy, PTSD and Treating Black Men and Adolescents with Dr. Allen Lipscomb  

Episode 1: EMDR Therapy and PTSD with Board of Directors President Wendy Byrd, LPC, LMFT