Copyright and Reprint Permission Policy & Procedure

The Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, Go With That magazine, Focal Point blog, Let’s Talk EMDR podcast, and educational materials such as toolkits and EMDR International Association’s (EMDRIA) website are copyrighted to protect authors and EMDRIA. The author’s rights to reuse their EMDRIA-published work are described below. While members have access to published resources that are for EMDRIA members only, they still need to request reprint permission of any materials that they wish to use. Usage of EMDRIA's logo is strictly prohibited. Non-authors interested in reprinting (digitally or print) any EMDRIA materials should email Kim Howard, CAE, Director of Communications & Marketing, at

Republication in New Works

Authors may republish parts of their final-published work (e.g., figures, tables) without charge and without requesting permission, provided a full citation of the source is given in the new work.

Meeting Presentations and Conferences

Authors may use their work (in whole or part) for presentations (e.g., at meetings and conferences). These presentations may be reproduced on any media in materials from the meeting or conference, such as the proceedings of a meeting or conference. A full citation is required.

Websites and Social Media

Authors may not post a PDF of their published work’s accepted or final version to any website except their business website if a full citation of the work is included on their website page. Authors may not post published work on social and research networking platforms; instead, links may be posted to the EMDRIA website where the work is published.

Institutional Repositories (non-theses)

Authors may deposit the material they agreed to have EMDRIA publish into an institutional repository, providing:

  • EMDRIA retains copyright to the article
  • a 12-month embargo period from the date of final publication of the article is observed by the institutional repository and the author
  • a link to the article published on EMDRIA or publisher-partner website is prominently displayed alongside the article in the institutional repository
    the article is not used for commercial purposes
  • self-archived articles posted to repositories are without warranty of any kind

Sample Citations

Use most recent APA edition:

Webpage or Piece of Online Content by Author

Last Name, F. M. (Year, Month Date). Title of page. Site name. URL

Webpage or Piece of Online Content by Organization

EMDR International Association. (Year, Month Date). Title of page. Site name. URL