EMDRIA offers both an annual membership in the association as well as a separate certification in EMDR. We encourage you to read the full details of each on the Join EMDRIA, Membership Benefits, and EMDR Certification pages, but below is a quick guide to understanding the difference between these two offerings.

EMDRIA Membership

  • EMDR International Association is a non-profit professional association for mental health clinicians who practice EMDR.
  • You may become a member of EMDRIA by registering online and paying membership dues, assuming you meet the specified requirements for one of the membership levels: Full, Associate, or Student.
  • EMDRIA Membership is annual. Memberships expire at the end of the month based on the date you join.
  • All EMDRIA members receive the following benefits:
    • member-only online resources
    • monthly association E-News
    • Go With That quarterly magazine
    • Journal of EMDR Practice and Research quarterly journal
    • access to the EMDRIA Online Community
    • discounts on application fees and EMDRIA OnDemand programs
  • Only Full Members receive these benefits:
  • Being a member of EMDRIA does not certify you in EMDR. To become certified in EMDR, you will need to submit a separate application and meet the requirements for approval. Fees associated with certification application and renewal are not included with membership. However, as an EMDRIA member, you receive a discount on application fees.

Membership Renewal

  • Renewal of EMDRIA membership is required each year. EMDRIA will notify you when it's time to renew. You can renew online from the Overview tab of your member account by clicking the Renew button.
  • EMDRIA Credits are not required for membership renewal. To renew, you only need to complete the membership renewal form and submit payment for membership dues.

EMDR Certification

  • EMDRIA offers a certification in EMDR which designates a mental health clinician as an EMDR Certified Therapist ™.
    • EMDRIA offers an additional certification to active EMDR Certified Therapists to provide consultation of EMDR to those completing EMDR Training or EMDR Certification. This gives the EMDR Certified Therapist ™ an additional designation as an EMDR Consultant.
  • You may apply for EMDR Certification by submitting an application online and paying the application fee. You must meet all the requirements on the application form. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by EMDRIA. If you meet all the requirements, your certification will be approved and you will become an EMDR Certified Therapist ™.
  • EMDR Certification is biennial. Certifications expire on the last day of the month. If you join EMDRIA at the same time you apply for certification, your expiration month for both will be the same. However, membership will expire every year and certification will expire every 2 years. It is more common to have membership and certification expire in different months, as most apply for certification already being a member. EMDRIA will always send separate renewal notices for membership and certification.
  • EMDR Certification does not include any EMDRIA membership benefits. If you would like membership benefits such as access to members-only resources and publications, a listing in the Find an EMDR Therapist directory, and discounts on application fees, you will need to join EMDRIA.

Certification Renewal

  • Renewal of EMDR Certification is required every two years. When it's time to renew, EMDRIA will contact you with instructions on how to submit your renewal application online and pay the application fee.
  • 12 EMDRIA Credits are required for EMDR Certification renewal. You must earn the 12 EMDRIA Credits within your current certification period.