Membership Benefits

As an international affiliate of EMDRIA, other non-U.S. EMDR associations/organizations will have access to the following EMDRIA benefits for their members:

EMDRIA currently has two EMDR non-U.S. associations that are affiliated: EMDR Canada and EMDR Kazakhstan.


EMDRIA remains open to collaboration and partnership with our colleagues, and we want to work together to advance EMDR globally. We believe we are stronger together than we are alone. If your organization believes affiliating with EMDRIA might be productive, we require the following:

  1. Your association's leadership must be democratically elected with term limits.
  2. Your mission aligns with our mission.
  3. Your Association must establish and enforce minimum standards for EMDR training and continuing education consistent with EMDRIA’s. This includes eligibility for EMDR training.
  4. Your association is legally established in your country.
  5. Your Association is established as your country’s legal equivalent of a not-for-profit or an academic membership association. This would mean that you cannot be a for-profit organization or company.
  6. Your bylaws and constitution must be submitted for review and comply with the law in your country and generally accepted principles of non-profit/NGO/membership/charity-based organizations as commonly understood.
  7. Your membership is open to all practitioners who have completed an EMDR training approved by EMDRIA, EMDRIA affiliates, or a recognized regional EMDR Association as defined by EMDRIA.
  8. Your association must provide an equal opportunity for all qualified EMDR educators.
  9. You should have at least 20 members who have completed an EMDRIA-approved/EMDRIA-recognized training.

Contact Us

For more information about an EMDR organization becoming affiliated with EMDRIA, please email us.