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Summer 2021

Changing Lives - Conference Edition

  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and EMDR Therapy
  • A Career Retrospective to JEDMR Editor Dr. Louise Maxfield
  • EMDRIA Annual Virtual Conference 2021

Spring 2021

EMDR Therapy and Addiction

  • The Evolving Landscape of Healing Addiction with EMDR Therapy
  • EMDR and Addiction: Stabilize Addiction, Avoid Relapse
  • A Day in the Life of a MET(T)A Protocol Center
  • Stable Enough: Using EMDR Therapy to Address Trauma and Addiction
  • Addiction: A Solution That Becomes a Problem, Treatment Challenges in a COVID-19 World

Winter 2021

EMDR Therapy and Resiliency

  • Enhancing Resilience with EMDR Therapy
  • Resilience: How Mental Health Pros Maintain Good Mental Health
  • Resilience 2020: Tales from a Graduate Counseling during the COVID-19 Crisis
  • What is Resilience Anyway?

Fall 2020

EMDR Therapy and Racial Trauma

  • The Path Toward Antiracist Psychotherapy
  • Addressing Racialized Trauma Utilizing EMDR and Antiracist Psychotherapy Practices
  • SPACEHOGS Make a Difference
  • Engage in the Conversation of Race and Racism: Implement Hot Chocolate and Cheese

Summer 2020

Going Virtual

  • Changing Lives: EMDRIA Conference 2020 Issue
  • Visionary & Virtual: Aligning Our Online Practices
Two hands clasped wearing military fatigues

Spring 2020

EMDR Therapy and the Military: Combating Trauma

  • A Range of Service Trauma: Considering More Than Combat
  • 10 Tips for EMDR Therapists Working with Veterans and Service Members
  • Military Cultural Competence
  • A Journey to Building a Heart for Working with Military
  • EMDR Therapy for Veterans and Service Members
Cartoon depiction of a car on a road

December 2019

An EMDR Therapy Journey: All Roads Lead to Consultation

  • Increasing Your EMDR Knowledge and Experience
  • Developing Your EMDR Proficiency
  • A Ticket to Mastering EMDR Therapy
  • How to Reach the Top of Your Field
Cartoon letters EMDR surrounded by cartoon EMDR therapist characters

September 2019

The 5 Keys to Building Your EMDR Therapy Practice

  • Includes "Remembering the Legacy of Francine Shapiro"
  • Creating and Promoting Your EMDR Message
  • Build Your Professional Connections
  • Continuing Education
  • Support and Guidance
Cartoon landscape of the beach

June 2019

EMDRIA Conference 2019 Changing Lives

  • 2019 Conference Agenda Preview
  • Disassociation: Sharing from a Personal Place
  • Integrative EMDR Treatment of Complex PTSD
  • Working with Complex Trauma and Addiction
  • Transitioning Out of the Military with PTSD
  • The Future of EMDR Therapy: Better Research and Protocols

March 2019

EMDR Therapy with Children and Adolescents

  • Exploring the Intersection of EMDR & Play Therapy
  • Flip the Script: Messaging to Health the Parent-Child Connection
  • Perspectives in Practice: Navigating the Child Welfare System as an EMDR Therapist
  • Using EMDR Therapy with Suicidal Children and Adolescents
  • Parents as Partners: Enhancing Co-Regulation and Coherence through an Integration of Play Therapy and EMDR
  • The World of Stories and Symbols: The EMDR-Sandtray Protocol

December 2018

EMDR Therapy with First Responders

  • ProvidingMental Health Services to First Responders and Public Safety Professionals
  • Firefighters and EMDR
  • The Use of EMDR within a Police Population
  • 911 Telecommunicators/Dispatchers: The First-First Responders
  • Helping the Helpers: Crime Victim Services and Trauma
  • Utilizing Intensive EMDR Treatment for Law Enforcement Personnel in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas
  • Protecting Those Who Protect Others

September 2018

EMDR Therapy Early Intervention

  • Five EMDR Early Intervention Communities Illuminate the Significance of Communities
  • Responding to Trauma with First Responders in Fairfield, Connecticut
  • EMDR Early Intervention and Community Response = Prevention
  • Responding to Unite the Right Rally & Richmond Monument Avenue Rally
  • Social Change, Little "D" Disasters & Why EEI Protocols Are Essential to Everyone's Practice
  • First Responder Cumulative Traumatic Stress Exposure
  • Questions and Cautions for Deployment of EMDR EIs with First Responders & Public Safety Personnel
  • Anyone Can Do Something for 15 Minutes - Even Self-Care