EMDR for Survivors of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence at a Nonprofit Counseling Agency

Trauma related to sexual violence and intimate partner violence (IPV) affects millions of women, resulting in detrimental impacts to economic, physical, and mental health.

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Increasing Access to EMDR Therapy in Community & Agency Settings

This course demonstrates the need for EMDR therapy training for professionals in community mental health centers (CMHCs) and larger agencies settings, creating buy-in, and managing the program across multiple levels of care.

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EMDR Therapy in a Brief Therapy Model (SIG Brief Presentation)

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Impact of an Integrated EMDR Treatment Program for Children and Youth Exposed to Potentially Traumatic Events: The Village Collaborative Trauma Center

Exposure to adverse events during childhood and adolescence is associated with problematic outcomes across the life span, including the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Buddhist Psychology, EMDR Therapy & Addictions – The MET(T)A Protocol

This presentation describes how principles & methods of Buddhist psychology can help treat addiction & comorbid disorders.

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EMDR Adjunctive Therapy at a Community Agency, Treating Clients With a Spectrum of Mental Health Disorders

This clinical practice article outlines the process used in developing an EMDR adjunctive therapy program in a nonprofit community agency that serves clients with chronic mental health and substance abuse disorders.

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