Liza Detenber, LICSW


EMDR Certified Therapist

Online Therapy

About Me

Every human has innate wisdom inside of them. Sometimes it can become challenging to access that wisdom due to stress, anxiety, and the mental clutter of life. I believe that my role as a therapist and consultant is to help clear the path to reconnect and listen to what is already there. I work collaboratively with each person to bring a sense of curiosity, nonjudgmental awareness and kindness to thought patterns and behaviors, and through that awareness foster change. I have always been drawn to and fascinated by the experience of being human and all that entails. I grew up practicing meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, which have greatly impacted the ways in which I see the human experience. I believe wholeheartedly that by learning to ride different emotions without getting stuck in them or pushing them away we can experience inner peace with whatever arises. My experiences working in schools, residential programs, psychiatric hospitals, college counseling centers, and outpatient clinics have equipped me with skills to work with a wide range of clients and provide school and parent consultation. My clinical approach integrates polyvagal and somatic approaches, psychodynamic theories, evidenced-based treatments, and mindfulness practices to create a warm, collaborative, nonjudgmental and compassionate space to support inner growth and healing. My background in mindfulness, meditation and yoga allows us to tap into the present moment and our bodies, to find stillness and insight. My trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches draw upon the therapeutic relationship to foster resilience and courage. I meet each person where they are at on their journey.

Education & Experience

Masters of Social Work (MSW) from Smith College School of Social Work Bachelors of Arts (BA) from Wheaton College of MA - Majors: Psychology and Spanish

Specialty Area

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Chronic Pain
  • Somatic Issues
  • Stress Management

Population Served

  • Adults


  • English
  • Spanish