Dr. Maryellen Dyer-Russell, RN,MSN,PMHNP,DNP

About Me

Began career as professional Nurse (specializing in Pediatrics) 40yrs ago with graduation from LAC/USC School of Nursing. Became intensely devoted to science of Traumatology (Developmental Trauma) in 1996 when doing medical exams on foster youth in large, high acuity, residential program. Significantly disheartened by foster care system - esp in terms of psychiatric services. Returned to post-grad for specialty prescriber in psychiatry [PMHNP] for purpose of bringing more responsible pharmacotx to developmentally traumatized youth. Became very involved with Dr. Bruce Perry's work and went through intense training in trauma neurobiology and metric training (for useful brain mapping with Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics [NMT]). Through this certification work, began delving into EMDR (Shapiro) and became certified in 2014. Have used occasionally (only secondary to lack of time allowed in current practice) and know this is the therapy needed for so many among the population I serve. Am hoping to devote much more time to EMDR for the remainder of my career.

Education & Experience

Pediatric RN/BSN in acute hospital settings for 15yrs; Pediatric NP(PNP)/MSN at Residential Center for Foster Youth for next 10yrs; Psychiatric Mental Health NP (PMHNP degree from UCSF) for following 10yrs through present time. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from San Jose/Fresno State. Currently practicing as Psychiatric Provider in County Behavioral Health clinics.

Professional & Volunteer Affiliations

NMT (Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics) wit Dr. Bruce Perry and Associates [ChildTrauma.org] APNA (American Psychiatric Nursing Association)