Become a Virtual Basic Trainer

You must have an active EMDR Consultant credential and must be teaching the EMDR basic training through an existing EMDRIA approved EMDR training provider to be eligible to apply to become a Virtual Basic Trainer.

You must complete all four parts of the online application process outlined below.

Virtual Basic Trainer Application

Part 1 - Virtual EMDR Training Policies and Requirements

  • You must complete this form in its entirety and agree to adhere to the stated policies and requirements.

Part 2 - Platform, Content, and Learner Assessment

  • Be prepared to set EMDRIA up as a new user in a role equivalent to a participant or student in your LMS. Email the link to your LMS, along with the username and password to so an EMDRIA representative can access and review your system.
  • If all your training materials are not stored in the LMS, be prepared to explain your process for delivery of training materials outside the LMS.
  • If you do not own the training content, materials, and/or manuals, you must obtain a letter from the owner stating you have permission to use their content. This letter of documentation should be emailed to

Part 3 - Trainer Essay Questions

  • The responses you provide must be in your own words.
  • You must complete this form and provide a response for each question. The form cannot be saved and returned to so be prepared to complete the form in its entirety.
  • You are strongly encouraged to review the questions and prepare your responses beforehand so you can cut and paste them into the online form.

Part 4 - Virtual Basic Trainer Application Form

  • You must complete this form in its entirety and agree to uphold the terms and conditions.

Application Review Process

Once you complete and submit all four parts of the online application, receipt of your application will be confirmed, and you will be invoiced for the non-refundable application fee. Payment of the application fee will be required in order to begin the review process.

Application Fees

EMDRIA Full Member | $400 US Dollars (non-refundable)

Non-Member | $800 US Dollars (non-refundable)