EMDRIA Library Help

Need help using the EMDRIA Library? Below is an explanation of the library filters and features. Filters that utilize checkboxes allow you to select more than one desired term.


Type a term and the search results will automatically refresh. A keyword search will search all fields of the record (title, description, author, etc.).


Date refers to the publication or creation date of the resource. Use the date slider to narrow the dates of the results by clicking and dragging the circles on either end of the slider or clicking along the bar. You’ll see the year range update.


The "Topics" section includes mostly presenting issues EMDR therapy can help address (such as "Anxiety/Panic/Phobias"), but also includes topic area that intersect with EMDR (such as "Pregnancy/Perinatal").

Client Population

The "Client Population" section refers to groups/populations therapists practice EMDR therapy with (such as "Children" or "Military/Veterans").

Practice & Methods

The "Practice & Methods" section refers to the tools, theories, methods, to help you practice EMDR therapy (such as "Case Conceptualization"). It also includes EMDR therapy settings (such as "Group" or "Telehealth").

Content Type

The "Content Type" section refers to the medium of the resource (such as "Video" or "Blog Post").


The "Audience" section refers to the intended audience of a resource (such as "General/Public" or "EMDR Therapists" or "Trainers").


The "Language" section refers to the language of the resource item (such as "Spanish").

Original Source

The "Original Source" section refers to the original event, publication, or source of a resource. For example, many of the OnDemand courses were originally presented as part of an EMDRIA Conference or Summit (such as "Conference 2022"). Individual Go With That Magazine™️ articles will list the full issue they appear in as the original source.

Access Type

The "Access Type" section refers to your ability to access a resource.

  • External Resource = This indicates that a resource is external to EMDRIA.
  • Members Only = These resources are only available to EMDRIA members. Log in to view your EMDRIA account to view the content.
  • Open Access = These resources are openly available to anyone. Check to see if there is also a Creative Commons license that explains how you can use the materials.
  • Paid Access = These resources require a payment from anyone, regardless of membership status, such as OnDemand courses.

Continuing Education Credits

The CE Credits/Hours section refers to the number of continuing education credits or hours available from EMDRIA, NBCC, or APA (such as "1.5" or "3"). These filters only apply to educational courses.

Clear All Filters

Use this button to clear a keyword search or any selections you have made using filters. Think of it as a "reset" or "start over" button to restart your search.