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Approved for 2 EMDRIA Credits

The therapeutic relationship is the heart and soul that support healing from developmental trauma. When the therapist and the client bring their relational attachment patterns into a session, therapists can often can feel frustrated, be triggered, feel stuck and not good enough at “helping” the client. These patterns begin a Dance of countertransference that present as blocks in the therapeutic session. When we do not understand how these patterns navigated safety as children and protected our attachment relationships with caregivers, they can get in the way of healing. Countertransference is attachment patterns that can show up in a Dance of Wounds. Explore how deep routed attachment patterns and early childhood wounding keep us from fully being present for our clients. Using a specific therapeutic tool called the Answer we can uncover these patterns and predict the blocks so that we can successfully set conditions for healing to happen.

Presenter: Susanne Goldstein