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February 12
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Live Webinar

Approved for 2 EMDRIA Credits

When clients self-harm or are suicidal, EMDR can be tricky. We need to manage the risks and want to make sure we don’t make things worse which puts us in a difficult dilemma. In this live webinar Arianne Struik will discuss self-harming and suicidal behaviour from a trauma lens. When the anger towards the perpetrator is misplaced and turns inside, clients can become depressed, self harm, and engage in suicidal and risk-taking behaviour. They feel guilty and ashamed for what is done to them, what they have done, or what they feel they should have done. During EMDR processing, these negative beliefs are dismantled and changed. Some clients, however, get stuck in guilt and shame before or during processing. Then there is also the fear the client could get seriously injured or commit suicide when we start with EMDR.

Arianne will discuss how to assess the risk for clients to start with EMDR, what is needed in preparation, and how to set up the EMDR processing in a safe way.  She will also elaborate on Shapiro’s plateaus of processing and how to use this framework to understand why the client is stuck and which interweaves to use in which part of the processing.

Presenter: Arianne Struik, Psychologist

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