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October 27, 2023
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Live Webinar

Approved for 6 EMDRIA Credits

This live webinar explores and practices techniques to improve the client’s resiliency, enhance their capacity to maintain a clear mind, and attain a relaxed and safe state. These skills enable the therapist to keep the client more readily within the “window of tolerance” for processing of the client’s stressors, trauma, and underlying causes. All the resourcing tools presented serve to bring calm and steadiness amid the client’s chaos, so the client can do their work to heal – find their own calm, steadiness, resilience, and positive belief in self. Additionally, we will explore how therapists can remain compassionate, mindful/present, and fearless as they work with clients and resourcing the client as needed.

All the tools presented are effective as EMDR Phase 2 Resourcing Tools. In the workshop, tools are shared to use in preparation and skill building, necessary to help the client connect with functional information and integrate helpful, positive experiences. These tools are often key to the internal stabilization that many clients need to do the deeper clearing processing that EMDR provides. These tools help build and fortify the functional memory network that will be needed in EMDR Phases 4 through 6.

Presenters: Ken Vanderlip & Susie Vanderlip

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