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May 16, 2022
May 17, 2022
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Live Webinar

Approved for 12 EMDRIA Credits

In this engaging and informative two-day live webinar training by Dr. Arielle Schwartz, you will learn a biopsychosocial model of care which takes into account objective physical and biological factors of pain and illness as well as factors that are psychological or psychogenic in origin. Within this training, you will develop an understanding of the polyvagal theory as related to trauma recovery. A biopsychosocial approach assists clients to increase their sense of control, self-efficacy, and self-regulation regarding the intensity and duration of disturbing physical symptoms.

You will learn tools to address client experiences related to medical mismanagement, invasive medical procedures, or the lack of control that commonly arises with chronic pain and illness. Treating somatic disorders and illness can be challenging; especially when the etymology lies in complex, developmental trauma. Therefore, you will be guided to assess for dissociation, lack of affect tolerance, or secondary gains that may block successful resolution of traumatic events.

Presenter: Arielle Schwartz, Ph.D.