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August 15
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Live Webinar

Approved for 3 EMDRIA Credits

When domestic violence occurs, there is a rupture of personal safety and trust. When these traumatic experiences remain unresolved, indelible impressions of these relational dynamics remain imprinted. They shape perception of self and others and provide templates that are called into action when triggered. When violence is an ongoing threat, these triggers are constant and deepen the lack of power and safety.

Adaptive responses that help a person survive the moment of violence often, unconsciously, develop into maladaptive coping responses that lead to relational patterns. These patterns often reflect lives trapped in reenactment of the violent trauma they experienced. Defensive responses sustained over time reinforce rigid and problematic behavioral patterns ranging from submission to aggressiveness. Other complications include avoidance of one’s own emotions and lack of awareness of one’s needs.

This live webinar will review the impact of domestic violence with a focus on the treatment needs for victim/survivors. Intervention methods and case conceptualization are presented withing the EMDR therapy, Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) informed, 8-phase treatment model. The presentation will discuss individualized treatment planning that considers aspects such as the psychoeducation needed and the selection of strategic targets. Effective plans balance an awareness that many clients need to work on early personal history and previous negative relationships while managing current relationships.

Presenter: Dolores Mosquera, Clinical Psychologist

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