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April 20, 2023
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Live Webinar

Approved for 4 EMDRIA Credits

Through an integrative theoretical framework, we will explore the Neuroception of Safety from a deeply creative level, through an innovative and playful integration of EMDR & the Polyvagal Theory Neuroception, Proprioception, Equilibrioception, Interoception, Temperoception, Exteroception, & Nociception (the CeptionsTM) will be introduced through the Power of Play Therapy. Participants will explore how to increase client’s mind-body awareness & monitor/reduce the distress response (SUDS) through the integrative use of EMDR, play therapy, & the expressive arts. By integrating foundational EMDR knowledge with cutting-edge neuroscience, participants will create representations of the CeptionsTM & explore how they fit within the AIP model & the 3-pronged protocol, demonstrating how to blend them throughout all 8-phases of EMDR. This integration is particularly helpful with children during the history taking, preparation, assessment, & body scan phases to teach clients how to identify their arousal states & how to become detectives of their own nervous systems.

Presenter: Dora Henderson, LHMC

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