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November 10, 2023
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Evansville, IN
Evansville, IN United States

For more info contact Robin Maglinger at rmaglinger@mbhsinc.com or 812-459-3561

Approved for 6 EMDRIA Credits

This workshop will examine current neurobiological research regarding online/wakeful information processing, including sensation, perception, cognition, learning, memory, somatosensory integration, and emotion.  In addition, off-line/sleep information processing, such as slow wave sleep and cognitive memorial processing, as well as REM/dream sleep and its function in emotional memory processing will be examined.  The disrepair of these processes will be shown to be the underlying core of dysrhythmia in Type I and Complex PTSD. The predicate of this material will be that EMDR could be rendered more robust by utilizing 40 Hz. BLS. This technically suggested modification changes nothing within the eight phase EMDR protocol, given that no frequency has been stipulated for either visual, auditory, or tactile BLS.

Presenter: Uri Bergmann, Ph.D.

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