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November 20, 2020
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Live Webinar

Approved for 3 EMDRIA Credits

This live webinar will present the Interweave Systems Model (ISM) that will provide guidelines and decision- making markers that will aid you in the process of selecting an interweave. Cognitive, emotional and somatic levels of information processing will be addressed along with interventions that can fully accompany children as they navigate through them.

Clinicians will learn a wide range of child friendly interweaves that work with the attachment system to repair, mirror, validate, meet unmet needs, nurture and heal the “little self” and wounded parts. In addition, interweaves will be presented that work with the body and the sensorimotor system and support the child in completing truncated defenses, modulate arousal, recalibrate the nervous system, challenge procedural memory and execute empowering actions that could not be performed during the traumatic event. In addition, interweaves that challenge the window of tolerance as the child is invited to embrace exploration and risk  while maintaining safety will be addressed.

Presenter: Ana Gomez