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May 17
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Live Webinar

Approved for 6.5 EMDRIA Credits

All mental health clinicians work with trauma as trauma is implicated in every mental health disorder. Thus, understanding The Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP)- what trauma is, how trauma occurs and symptoms and behaviors that can occur when parts or all of a situation does get “stuck” are essential to providing thorough assessments, accurate treatment planning and appropriate therapeutic interventions. We will explore these topics via discussion, demonstration, and handouts with a closer look at effects on people in the LGBTQ+ Community. We will touch on the chemistry of the brain and body along with the Polyvagal Theory and memory reconsolidation as it relates to the experience of trauma and healing. Utilizing a client video, we will look at important questions to ask when taking the history such as asking about gender, asking questions to increase awareness of and understand a client’s terminology, ask about experiences with and their relationship to being in the LGBTQ+ community along with positive experiences obtained from being a member of this community. We want to give clients resources to manage feelings and situations effectively. We will look at options via some participant interactive experiences and we will show a client video demonstrating an intervention called “Utilizing a Positive Cultural Experience Resource.” Using slides, handouts and discussion we will explore therapeutic interventions we need to be aware of such as EMDR, TF-CBT and Progressive counting and determining what would be a good fit for our clients. We will also explore current trends and research with particular focus on our youth. We will have opportunities to enter break out rooms for group discussions on topics such as how the media impacts those in the queer community as well as participants’ experiences, thoughts and reactions to examples of bigotry to normalize, educate and bring our true self to our clients.

Presenters: Kriss Jarecki, LCSW & William Koehler, Ph.D.

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