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February 6, 2021
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Live Webinar

Approved for 2 EMDRIA Credits

EMDR therapy “with” and “in” groups is a modality that could help clinicians increase the number of families and children they reach. This live webinar will address the various facets of group work within an EMDR approach with children. Preparation and stabilization groups with children can be highly effective and it can engage children that do not easily participate individually. This course will address EMDR based activities to enhance affect tolerance, build new neural networks in the child’s brain, increase state change  capacities, work with defenses and self-states, all within a group setting. Processing groups will be covered for children that show readiness to embrace trauma, utilizing protocols like GTEP(Shapiro) and its adaptation for children: The Butterfly Journey (Gomez). Parents also benefit from EMDR focused groups where a wide range of goals may be accomplished, from psychoeducation, stabilization, increasing mentalizing capacities as well as to process triggers and trauma memories and with it restore their role as co-regulators of the child’s system. An overview of the multiple possibilities and ways of using the power of group work with children will be presented. An overview of protocols such as GTEP (Shapiro) and its adaptation for children: The Butterfly Journey (Gomez) will be presented.

Presenter: Ana Gomez