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May 12, 2023
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Live Webinar

For more info contact Terry Becker-Fritz at tbf2inc@gmail.com or 614-507-1838

Approved for 2 EMDRIA Credits

This course normalizes trauma patterns that individuals who are adopted, and their family members, experience when coping through their adoption process/narrative.  It goes beyond working though clients’ attachment adaptation styles, and focuses on specific EMDR resources, history gathering, and protocols that EMDR clinicians use to reprocess grief and loss that’s associated with adoption. The course will teach participants how to gather key elements in the history taking phase of EMDR, and then build on resources of “security and safety” in phase 2 of EMDR for the person who was adopted and their family members/caretakers.  They’ll receive an overview of three specific EMDR protocols to use during the reprocessing phase of EMDR.  One that works with the child/parent(s) dyad to tell the narrative of their adoption by focusing on stages of development, and emphasizing grief components before the child was physically placed in their family system.  Another that targets trauma that occurred during preverbal stages of development, to work on somatic components to adoption trauma. And, in the lateral protocol, participants will be given an overview of how EMDR with parts/ego-state work can repair adoption trauma with their clients. Lastly, participants will learn how family members experience secondary trauma and/or compassion fatigue in caring for a child of adoption.  Specifically, looking at dynamics that caretakers, parents, and siblings experience in a family through adoption and how to account for those in the history taking of EMDR.

Presenter: Dayna Kumar, LPC

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