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April 24, 2021
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Live Webinar

Approved for 4 EMDRIA Credits

Complex developmental trauma lives on in the body as a felt sense, not just in the mind. Indeed, the mind is always embodied and the body expresses the mind. Traditional treatments can be highly challenging because these clients are often unable to formulate their experience into words and a coherent narrative, and are profoundly avoidant of and often disconnected from inner experience. Therapists who are not formally trained in somatic approaches can struggle with how to work with these embedded experiences in the body. In addition, the bodies of the client and the therapist are rich sources of implicit communications that can be used to support resolution of important relational stuck points. This live webinar will focus not only on integrating somatic approaches to the client, but how we can attend somatic experiences in ourselves which can facilitate therapy and help us better manage countertransference reactions.

Presenter: Kathy Steele