Addressing Racialized Trauma Utilizing EMDR and Antiracist Psychotherapy Practices

Racial injustices committed against African American/Black people in the United States are both deplorable and inescapable; thus, it is no longer acceptable for discourse and exploration of race-related trauma to be optional. In the mental health community, we are at the precipice of critical social, psychological, and structural change. More than ever, African American people need allyship, healing, and safety.

Learn more in this article from the Fall 2020 issue EMDR & Racial Trauma of Go With That Magazine™️ by Wendy Ashley, Psy.D. and Allen Lipscomb, Psy.D., LCSW.

An open access version of this article is available at EMDRIA’s Focal Point blog published February 5, 2021. 


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