Bridging the Gap to Belonging

Teenagers are my favorite developmental group of folks to work with. The particular ones I have been honored to sit with teaching me how much they are paying attention to adults. To the gaps between the sales pitch, adults make the rules to determine value and power and the practice of how adults behave. The gaps are filled with hypocrisy, incongruence, and confusion about what adults promise and promote and what teens are reporting to experience with adults. The brave teens I work with come in with bodies full of silenced stories of harm, shame, trauma, and oppression. Some of these teenagers have carried these untold stories in their bodies for so long they are struggling with sleep, focus, energy, and self-worth.

Learn more in this article from the Summer 2022 issue EMDR Therapy and Challenging Teenagers of Go With That Magazine™️ by Vanessa M. Sanford.


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