EMDR Therapy for Challenging Teenagers

Most therapists agree that teenagers can be among the most challenging clients we see in our therapy practice, and to have a positive treatment outcome, we need engagement and retention. Many teen clients are not interested in connecting to a strange adult, let alone doing something even stranger like EMDR. This population may refuse to attend sessions, give short answers when they do attend, swear at parents and therapists, and storm out of the room when they hear things they don’t like.

Learn more in this article from the Summer 2022 issue EMDR Therapy and Challenging Teenagers of Go With That Magazine™️ by Annie Monaco, LCSW-R, RPT and Nicole E. Wolasz, LCSW-R.

An open access version of this article is available at EMDRIA’s Focal Point blog published September 9, 2022. 


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