Enhancing Resilience with EMDR Therapy

As EMDR therapists, an important question is “How can we understand and support our client’s resiliency?” A fundamental tenet of the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model that informs the EMDR approach is trust in the human body and brain’s innate capacity. The human brain is continuously processing current and past experiences and integrating this information into existing innate and learned neurological structures, all in the service of meeting a range of human needs and wants. That is a lot to do! EMDR therapy can enhance resilience in many ways. As therapists, we can help clients build, recover, and strengthen resilience. And when our clients sense their true resilient nature, EMDR therapists can help them ride this quality as they create the lives they want and address the personal and societal issues ahead.

Learn more in this article from the Winter 2021 issue Understanding Resilience Through EMDR Therapy of Go With That Magazine™️ by Mark Nickerson, LICSW.

An open access version of this article is available at EMDRIA’s Focal Point blog published April 9, 2021. 


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