Social Change, Little “D” Disasters & Why EEI Protocols are Essential to Everyone’s Practice

“Official” disasters are by legal definition acute and dramatic: natural disasters, industrial or technological accidents, and episodes of mass violence, and are analogous to “big T” trauma. Just as with the concept of “little t” trauma, we can think of “little d” disasters as events and circumstances that beset communities and sew trauma, e.g. community violence, hate crimes, toxic pollutants, etc. The tools of EMDR Early Intervention can be applied in a wide variety of creative ways to alleviate the suffering of larger groups of people, thus contributing to their resilience in disaster response or social change.

Learn more in this article from the September 2018 issue EMDR Early Intervention of Go With That Magazine™️ by Rebecca E. Rosenblum, Psy.D.


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