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Approved Distance Learning Programs

Below is a list of Distance Learning Programs that have been approved for EMDRIA Credits.

These programs are offered through EMDRIA Approved Credit Providers. EMDRIA is not involved with the registration, payment, or access to these programs. All questions should be directed to the individual credit provider. Contact information is listed for each program.

If you are interested in EMDRIA Credit Programs that are offered though EMDRIA, please visit our EMDRIA OnDemand page.


Advanced Educational Productions

  • Breaking the ACE/Poor Health Cycle with EMDR Therapy (3 Credits)
  • Healing the Heart of Complex Trauma & Dissociation with EMDR & Ego State Therapy (10 Credits)

Bilateral Innovations

  • Spiritual Trauma & EMDR Therapy - 7 Steps to Help Clients Heal (6 Credits)

  • The Artistic Flow Approach to EMDR Therapy (3 Credits)

Erica Bonham with AVOS Counseling Center and Training Institute

  • Healthy Hope: EMDR Best Practices for Treating Spiritual Abuse (3 Credits)

Carrie Ann Carr, LCPC

  • EMDR & Mindfulness: Balancing Practice with Protocol (6.5 Credits)
  • Future Template in EMDR Therapy (1 Credit)
  • EMDR Protocols for Acute and Recent Traumatic Events: EMDR Early Intervention Protocols (1.5 Credits)

Child Trauma Institute

  • Child Trauma Handbook: A Guide for Helping Trauma-Exposed Children & Adolescents (12 Credits)
  • EMDR in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (7 Credits)
  • EMDR Within a Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment (9 Credits)
  • Treating Problem Behaviors (10 Credits)

Herb Cohen, LCAT

  • Sexual Abuse/Domestic Violence for EMDR Clinicians: An Overview, Assessment & Treatment (3 Credits)

Gina Colelli, LCSW

  • EMDR Refresher Course & Advanced Specialty Workshop (6 Credits)

Create EMDR

  • From Complex Trauma to Dissociation and Psychoses. EMDR and ICoNN Model (12 Credits)

EMDR Consulting

  • Integrating Resource Installation Strategies Into Your EMDR Practice (6 Credits)

EMDR Institute of Dr. Francine Shapiro

  • EMDR: Basic Principles, Procedures & Protocols (8 Credits)
  • Light in the Heart of Darkness: EMDR & the Treatment of War and Terrorism Survivors (10 Credits)
  • A Review of Ethical Issues for EMDR Clinicians, Consultants, Trainers & Researchers (5 Credits)

EMDR Professional Training

  • Becoming Known: A Relational Model for Parts/Ego State Work in EMDR Therapy (10 Credits)
  • EMDR Bootcamp: Basic Skills Refresher (5 Credits)
  • EMDR and Performance: Removing Blocks and Raising the Bar - Strategies for Clinicians Working with Athletes and Creatives (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Working with Addictions with EMDR Therapy: An Interview with Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD & Curt Rouanzoin, Ph.D. (1.5 Credits)
  • Part of Me Wants to Quit, and Part of Me Doesn't: An Integrative Developmental Approach to Addiction (10 Credits)

EMDR Training Center

  • EMDR Therapy Refresher (8 Credits)

Jackie Flynn

  • 8 Phases of EMDR with Children and Adolescents (7 Credits)
  • EMDR and Sandtray Therapy Integrated (3 Credits)

DaLene Forester, Ph.D.

  • EMDR with Eating Disorders (6 Credits)

The Steve Frankel Group

  • When There Are No Words: Reprocessing Early Trauma & Neglect Held in Implicit Memory (6.5 Credits)
  • Toward An Embodied Self: Somatic Methods for EMDR Practitioners (9 Credits)
  • Looking Through The Eyes: EMDR & Ego State Therapy Across the Dissociative Continuum (12.5 Credits)
  • 31 Secrets of the Embodied Self: Hearing Baby's Story in EMDR for Trauma in Explicit Memory (2.5 Credits)
  • Did I Lock the Door? Treating OCD with EMDR Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, and Ego State Therapy (14 Credits)
  • Neuroaffective Embodied Self-system Therapy - Toward an Integrated Approach (N.E.S.T.) (4 Credits)
  • Initial Clinical Interview for EMDR Treatment Planning: Kindly Aunt or Attila the Therapist (2 Credits)
  • How The Story Tells Itself in Preverbal and Non-Verbal EMDR (2 Credits)
  • Benefits and Mitigated Risks of Intensive Treatment for Early Trauma (1.5 Credits)
  • Clinical Strategies for EMDR Therapy: Creative Protocols (6 Credits)

Bruce Hersey, LCSW

  • IFS-Informed EMDR: The Internal Family Systems Interweave (6 Credits)
  • IFS for EMDR Therapists (3 Credits)

Institute for Professional & Creative Development

  • EMDR Therapy Treatment of Anxiety Disorders (14 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy Basic Protocol & Phobia, GAD, Somatization, Panic, Agoraphobia & Irritable Bowel Disorder (5.5 Credit)
  • EMDR Therapy for OC Spectrum Disorders (6.5 Credits)

Lori Kucharski

  • EMDR Refresher Course (7 Credits)

Andrew Leeds, Ph.D.

  • Strengthening the Self: Principles & Procedures for Creating Successful Treatment Outcomes for Adult Survivors of Neglect & Abuse (12 Credits)
  • A Guide to the Standard EMDR Protocols for Clinicians, Supervisors, and Consultants (12 Credits)
  • EMDR and Dissociation: The Progressive Approach (12 Credits)
  • Mechanisms of Action in EMDR Therapy: Multiplex Effects of Bilateral Stimulation (1.5 Credits)
  • Phase One: Simplifying Case Formulation, History Taking & Target Sequence (3 Credits)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder & EMDR Therapy (12 Credits)
  • Phase Four: When to Stay Out of the Way & When to Guide Reprocessing (3 Credits)

Judy Lightstone, Ph.D.

  • EMDR and Psychosomatic Dissociation (8 Credits)
  • EMDR and Eating Disturbances (12 Credits)

Marilyn Luber, Ph.D.

  • EMDR Scripted Protocols: Basics & Special Situations (12 Credits)

Philip Manfield, Ph.D.

  • Memory Reconsolidation, The Flash Technique & EMDR (6 Credits)
  • Advanced Memory Reconsolidation, Flash Technique & EMDR (3 Credits)
  • EMDR Video Course: Two Sessions of Trauma Processing (1 Credit)

Jamie Marich, Ph.D./ Institute for Creative Mindfulness

  • Trauma, EMDR Therapy & Addictions: Part 1 (6 Credits)
  • Trauma, EMDR Therapy & Addictions: Part 2 (6 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy & Mindfulness: Redefining the Paradigm of Trauma Focused Care (6 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy & Mindfulness for Trauma-Focused Care: Book Course (12 Credits)
  • Expressive Arts, Mindfulness & EMDR Therapy: A Comprehensive Course for EMDR Therapists (12 Credits)
  • Ethics & Supervision in EMDR Therapy (6 Credits)
  • Ethics in EMDR Therapy (3 Credits)
  • Supervision & Consultation in EMDR Therapy (3 Credits)

Susanne Morgan, LMFT

  • The Readiness Course for EMDR Clinicians: A Model & Practicum for How to Begin with Non-Dissociative Complex Trauma Cases (6.5 Credits)

Nancy Newport, LPC & Tracy Ryan Kidd, LCSW

  • The Long and Short of It: EMDR in the Treatment of Acute and Complex Trauma (12 Credits)

Mark Nickerson, LICSW

  • The Wounds Within (8 Credits)
  • Dissociation of the Personality & the EMDR Treatment of Chronic Traumatization - Theory & Case Conceptualization (6 Credits)
  • Dissociation of the Personality & the EMDR Treatment of Chronic Traumatization - Clinical Applications (6 Credits)
  • EMDR for Borderline Personality, Disorder, Dissociation & Complex Trauma (6 Credits)
  • Complicated Clients, Complex Problems & Clever Solutions: Troubleshooting with EMDR Therapy (12 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy for Complicated Mourning (6 Credits)
  • The Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation & the Treatment of Chronic Traumatization (12 Credits)
  • Culture Competence & Healing Culturally Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy (12 Credits)
  • Treating Addictions with EMDR Therapy & the Stages of Change (12 Credits)
  • The Discovery of the Self-BPD: Enhancing Reflective Thinking, Emotional Regulation & Self-Care in Borderline Personality Disorder (12 Credits)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder and EMDR Therapy (12 Credits)
  • EMDR and Dissociation: The Progressive Approach (12 Credits)
  • EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing (12 Credits)
  • EMDR Solutions II: For Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance & More (12 Credits)
  • Easy Ego State Interventions: Strategies for Working with Parts (12 Credits)
  • Global Summit Conference on EMDR-based Early Intervention & Crisis Response (18 Credits)
  • Treating Dissociative Disorders with EMDR: The Progressive Approach (6 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy for Suicidal Clients & Self-Harming Behaviors (6 Credits)
  • Working with Hostile Voices & Parts of the Personality in Complex Trauma & Dissociative Disorders (6 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy with OCD, Panic Disorder & Phobias (6 Credits)
  • Treating Sexual Abuse perpetrated by Clergy, Professionals & those in Fiduciary Roles (6 Credits)
  • Easy Ego State Interventions (12 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder (12 Credits)
  • Understanding and Treating Narcissism with EMDR (6 Credits)
  • Navigating the Addiction Protocol Maze: EMDR Therapy and the Treatment of Substance and Behavioral Addictions (6 Credits)
  • Simplifying Complex PTSD: New Treatment Approaches (6 Credits)
  • EMDR 2.0: An Enhanced Version of EMDR Therapy (6 Credits)

Tyler Orr, LPC

  • Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR Therapy for Chronic Pain (8 Credits)

Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.

  • Attachment-Focused EMDR: Healing Developmental Deficits and Adults Abused as Children (12 Credits)
  • Rewiring the Addicted Brain: An EMDR-Based Treatment Model for Overcoming Addictive Disorders (6 Credits)
  • Introduction to Resource Tapping: Activating Healing Resources through Bilateral Stimulation (1 Credit)

Personal Transformation Institute

  • The Many Layers of EMDR: A Somatic and Attachment Focus (12 Credits)
  • Simplifying Complex Trauma: A Somatic and Attachment Focus (6 Credits)
  • Working with Children with EMDR: A Somatic and Attachment Focus (3 Credits)
  • Working with Couples with EMDR: A Somatic and Attachment Focus (3 Credits)
  • SAFE EMDR, Somatic & Attachment Focused EMDR (12 Credits)
  • Somatic & Attachment Therapy for Chronic Pain & Illness (6 Credits)
  • Practical Somatic Resources (3 Credits)

Shirley Jean Schmidt

  • Ego State Therapy Interventions to Prepare Your Most Wounded, Belligerent and Dissociative Clients for EMDR (10 Credits)
  • Interventions for EMDR Therapists: Helping Dysregulated, Dissociative Clients Learn to Self-Soothe (1.5 Credits)

Carolyn Settle, LCSW

  • EMDR with Preteens and Adolescents (7.5 Credits)
  • Uh-Oh, I'm Stuck. Tools for Blocked Processing Using EMDR with Children & Adolescents (2 Credits)
  • EMDR with Children (7 Credits)

Irene Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW

  • Applications of Mindful Awareness and Resonance in Psychotherapy (15 Credits)
  • The Sacred Path of the Therapist: Modern Healing, Ancient Wisdom & Client Transformation (7 Credits)

April Steele, MSc, BCATR

  • Imaginal Nurturing, Ego States, and Attachment: An Integrated Approach to Early Deficits (13 Credits)

Robert Tinker, Ph.D.

  • EMDR with Children (12 Credits)

Trauma Recovery/EMDR HAP

  • EMDR Adjunctive Therapy in a Community Mental Health Agency (6 Credits)
  • Utilization of EMDR with Traumatic Bereavement (6 Credits)
  • EMDR Therapy with Complex Trauma & Dissociative Personality Structure (12 Credits)
  • EMDR & Addiction: Essential Skills Beyond Basic Training (6 Credits)
  • The I-Gaze Interweave for Attachment Repair in EMDR Therapy (6 Credits)
  • EMDR & the Treatment of Health Related Problems (11 Credits)

Turning Point Counseling/Sharon Schwartz, LICSW

  • Introduction to EMDR for Children...Made Easy (6 Credits)

Debra Wesselmann, MS/Attachment Trauma Center Institute

  • EMDR Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol for Children (12 Credits)
  • Trauma Specific Interventions for Families: Integrative Protocol (IATP-C)(8 Credits)
  • Beyond Desensitization: EMDR to Expand the Window of Tolerance with Kids (6 Credits)
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