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EMDR Training | FAQs
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EMDR Training FAQs (top)

What is EMDR Training?

An EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training provides clinicians with the knowledge and skills to utilize EMDR therapy, a comprehensive understanding of case conceptualization and treatment planning, and the ability to integrate EMDR therapy into their clinical practice. An EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training provides, at a minimum: instruction in the current explanatory model, methodology, and underlying mechanisms of EMDR through lecture, practice, and integrated consultation. View more information on EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training


What is the difference between EMDR Training, EMDRIA Membership, and EMDRIA Certification?

Upon completion of an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training, you are considered an EMDR Trained Clinician, however this does not mean you are an EMDRIA Member or EMDRIA Certified.   Applying for EMDRIA Membership is a separate step, and applying for EMDRIA Certification is yet another process.


Am I eligible to take an EMDR  Training?

View the EMDR Training Eligibility Requirements.   


Does EMDRIA need any documentation from me before I can take an EMDR Training?

You do not need to provide EMDRIA with any documentation before taking an EMDR training unless specifically asked to do so by EMDRIA.  Any licensure or transcript information that needs to be provided would go directly to the training provider. 


Does EMDRIA provide EMDR Training?

No.  EMDRIA sets the standards and requirements for EMDR training, but does not actually teach these trainings.  However, EMDRIA has approved over 30 different training providers who teach an EMDRIA approved training. You can view these EMDRIA Approved Training Providers by state here.


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How do I search and register for an EMDR Training? 

You can view all of the upcoming EMDR trainings by selecting 'EMDRIA Approved EMDR Trainings' under the drop-down menu 'Training & Certification'. We are constantly adding new training dates and locations as they are approved. Once you find a training that works for you, all registration questions can be answered by the Contact person or training provider indicated in the post.


Is EMDR Training offered online? 

No. There is no EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training currently offered online.


What is the cost for an EMDR Training? Are there discounts? 

Training prices vary depending on the training provider.  Some providers may offer discounts to interns or agency employees.  Some providers include the required consultation hours in the training registration fee while some will charge separately for these hours. All questions regarding cost should be directed toward the training provider.  


How is EMDR Training structured?

Training formats and overall length will vary depending on the training provider.  Providers often offer the EMDR training format over several months to allow time for integration of the learned concepts.  While the EMDRIA Approved Training Curriculum outlines the minimum requirements which need to be met in an EMDR training, the developer of a specific curriculum can enhance or expand any portion as they see fit.


If my training has 2 parts, can I take Part 1 and Part 2 with different training providers?

This depends on the training providers, and can be answered by contacting them directly. 


How long do I have to complete the EMDR Training?

Participants who start the EMDR training must complete the entire training within two years of their training start date. 


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What should I consider when choosing an EMDR Training? 

Since EMDRIA sets the minimum curriculum requirements for the EMDR training, you will want to make sure you are taking an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training.  You may want to inquire about the overall training format and whether consultation hours are included as part of the training registration fee to get an estimate of the total length and cost of the training. You may also want to ask how the certificate of completion is provided.


Who are the current EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training Providers?

View all EMDRIA Approved Training Providers.  Please be aware that PESI and The Bodymind Institute are NOT EMDRIA Approved Training Providers.  


Can EMDRIA provide certificates of completion for EMDR Training?

No. Contact the training provider directly for these documents.   


Does EMDRIA keep record of all EMDR Training completion information? 



Once I complete an EMDR Training, am I Certified in EMDR? 

No. EMDRIA Certification is a separate process.


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