EMDR Career Path

This graphic describes a potential EMDR career pathway (from basic training through EMDR Trainer). Stop anywhere that is right for you.

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How EMDR Consultation Improves the Learning Process: EMDRIA Consultant Day Recap

At our most recent EMDR Consultant Day (March 24, 2023), there was a focus on four key areas related to consultation: IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) in EMDR Consultation Guiding…

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Panel Conversation about IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) during the Consultation Process

Panelists respond to questions regarding EMDR Consultants and IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access).

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Guiding Consultees through Case Conceptualization and Clinical Decision Making

In this presentation, Ana Gómez discusses case conceptualization and clinical decision making with consultees.

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Dilemmas and Challenging Situations for Consultants

Panelists respond to dilemmas and challenges in EMDR consultation.

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Broaching the Themes of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Consultation

Norma Day-Vines discusses a multicultural orientation framework and “broaching” in which counselors consider the client’s race, ethnicity, and culture and how it may impact the counseling.

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The Importance of Consultation during and after EMDR Training

Deany Laliotis discusses the importance of consultants in helping clinicians learn, during basic training and post-training.

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Ethical Dilemmas and Challenging Situations for Consultants

This panel discussed dilemmas consultants face with their consultees such as videotaped sessions, boundaries, what to do when a consultee is not showing progress, and more.

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Skills/Knowledge/Tools for EMDR Consultation

This panel discusses different tools, skills, and ideas that consultants have found for addressing the needs of consultees.

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Consultation for EMDRIA Certification in EMDR: Best Practices and Challenges

Post-graduate credentials in specific therapeutic models have become more common in recent decades and offer assurance of certain levels of expertise amid increased globalization.

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EMDR Consultant Checklist

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5 Ways to get the most out of your EMDR Consultation to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Tops tips for Consultants-in-Training to get the most out of their consultation relationship on their journey to become an EMDR Consultant.

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