In the News: November 27, 2023

In the News Texas-based health news press releases announce “Hidalgo County Mental Health Professionals Enhance Skills with New Wellness Techniques.” The releases share the county is funding training focused on…

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EMDR Therapy and Intergenerational Trauma

EMDR Therapy and Intergenerational Trauma Healing across generations: Using EMDR therapy for intergenerational trauma Trauma has a profound impact on individuals, families, and even entire communities. While the scars of…

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EMDR Therapy and Ketamine

EMDR Therapy and Ketamine Guest Blog Post by Penny Monetti, LPCC   Tell us a little bit about you, your experience becoming an EMDR therapist, and your experience working with…

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EMDR Career Path

This graphic describes a potential EMDR career pathway (from basic training through EMDR Trainer). Stop anywhere that is right for you.

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EMDR Trained vs. EMDR Certified Video

This video quickly outlines the differences between being EMDR Trained and EMDR Certified. EMDR Certified is an advanced credential.

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Membership vs. Certification Video

This video quickly outlines the differences between EMDRIA membership and EMDR Certification.

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EMDR Certified Therapist Digital Badge

What is the Difference Between EMDRIA Membership and EMDR Certification with EMDRIA?

We often receive questions about the difference between EMDRIA membership and EMDR Certification with EMDRIA. EMDRIA offers both an annual membership in the association as well as a separate certification…

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EMDRIA Trailblazers Reveal What They Would Like People Outside the EMDR Community to Know

This post is Part 4 of a 4 part series featuring EMDRIA Trailblazers. View Part 1 on Changes in The Field of EMDR Therapy View Part 2 on How EMDR…

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How to Create a Therapeutic Alliance with Veterans and Service Members: Infographic

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Understanding PTSD Treatment (National Center for PTSD)

EMDR therapy is suggested as a trauma-focused psychotherapy option in this education packet for clients from the National Center for PTSD (from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs).

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Becoming an EMDR Therapist

Thinking about becoming an EMDR therapist? Discover how you can help your clients with EMDR therapy.

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Health Care Provider’s Guide to Trauma-Informed Care

EMDR is listed as a trauma-focused psychotherapy on this educational handout for providers from the Psychological Health Center of Excellence (PHCoE)

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