BIPOC Perspective on Integrative Therapies and Expressive Arts

In the BIPOC Perspective column, EMDR therapists respond to the question “Could you offer a specific example of how some aspect of a client’s culture was deeply meaningful or acted as a resource in using integrative therapies and expressive arts?”

Contributors include Diana Chu, MFT, RDT (She/Her) Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Drama Therapist; Mira Patel, LMFT, EMDR Certified Therapist and Irene Rodriguez MS, LMHC, REAT, Certified EMDR Therapist/EMDR Approved Consultant Traumatic Incident Reduction Trainer.

Learn more in this article from the Spring 2022 issue Integrative Therapies & Expressive Arts of Go With That Magazine™️.

An open access version of this article is available at EMDRIA’s Focal Point blog published July 18, 2022. 


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