Counselor’s Corner on EMDR with Holocaust Survivor

In the Counselor’s Corner column, EMDR therapists respond to the question of Rimma Gofman, LMFT who asks: “I have a prospective new client who is a Holocaust survivor. She is now in her 80s and was a child during World War II. All I know is that she is struggling with severe depression, and her daughter thought that EMDR might be a good technique to help her mom. What are thoughts of this community on attempting to process something so severe, which had occurred so far back?”

Read responses from Carolyn Colwell, LCSW-R, Anne Reisman, MSW, LCSW, Alicia Avila, LCSW, Esther Bernstein, Clinical Psychologist, EMDRIA Consultant, and Valerie Ashley.

This question and responses originally appeared in the Central Forum online community. The answers have been edited and condensed for clarity and space. To view the entire discussion, members can visit

Learn more in this article from the Summer 2023 issue Group Therapy of Go With That Magazine™️.


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