Counselor’s Corner on Trichotillomania in Teens

In the Counselor’s Corner column, EMDR therapists respond to “Has anyone used EMDR to treat trichotillomania in teens? Has it helped the person to stop doing it? What do you use as a target? In the case of the teen I see, she experiences pleasure and relief by doing it, but she is concerned about being bald, since she has lost a large percentage of her hair.”

Contributors include Alejandra Medina MA, LPC, NCC, Julie Miller, MC, LPC, LISAC, EMDR Certified Therapist Approved Consultant, Maureen Orsini, EMDR Certified Therapist Liberty Counseling LLC, Bret Hoxworth, and Patrice Jacob, Ph.D., LMAC.

This question and responses originally appeared in the Central Forum online community. The answers have been edited and condensed for clarity and space. To view the entire discussion, members can visit

Learn more in this article from the Spring 2022 issue Integrative Therapies & Expressive Arts of Go With That Magazine™️.


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