EMDR Therapy for Depression: Implications for Mental Health

In the years, the number of randomized controlled trials investigating EMDR therapy for depression had grown from three to 11. In 2021, following the increase in the number of published trials, three meta-analyses were conducted to examine the current state of the evidence (Carletto et al., 2021; Dominguez et al., 2021; Sepehry et al., 2021). The results of these analyses are compelling. The metaanalyses confirmed the effectiveness of EMDR therapy as a treatment for depression, with results maintained across a range of follow-up periods. Read more about EMDR therapy as a transdiagnostic approach, how the AIP model can help treat depression, and implications for clinical practice in this article.

Learn more in this article from the Winter 2022 issue EMDR Therapy for Depression: Implications for Mental Health of Go With That Magazine™️ by Sarah Dominguez, Ph.D.


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