Online EMDR Group Psychotherapy

Due to the increase in demand for therapy and EMDR showing signs of online effectiveness, forming online groups seemed like a natural next step to reach out to a larger expected audience. However, few EMDR therapists have training in group dynamics. In addition, there is already substantial evidence that reprocessing is effective with varied clients at the same time, as in group protocols (Jarero et al., 2014; Shapiro & Laub, 2014), but not multiple clients with simultaneous varied complaints. I shall detail a pilot experience with online group psychotherapy, addressing some of these most recent changes and offering suggestions for an integrative theoretical and practice model.

Learn more in this article from the Summer 2023 issue Group Therapy of Go With That Magazine™️ by André Maurício Monteiro.

An open access version of this article is available at EMDRIA’s Focal Point blog, published September 25, 2023. 


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